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Who We Are

PIC Charitable Foundation Inc. is the nonprofit arm of PIC Development. We believe in giving back to the communities where we do development projects. That’s why our Board allocates a portion of our net profits to our Foundation to support nonprofit¬†organizations working in the communities.

What We Do

We especially love projects that benefit our stalwart Frontline COVID Healthcare Workers, affordable housing projects, and holistic health and recovery, especially related to mental health or cancer.

Projects We Love

Omega Healing Center

Media are increasingly reporting that the burnout and the suicide rates are rising among Frontline COVID Healthcare Workers (HCW: doctors, nurses, etc). The Omega Healing Center is the first worldwide, nonprofit sanctuary specifically to provide a FREE holistic and restorative non-medical break to these frontline warriors who have sustained us selflessly and at great personal risk and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Omega Healing Center offers a five-day rest and recovery period in a natural setting free from stress, constant connectivity, and everyday life and work issues.

Help Us Help Them

Your donation provides much needed funding in COVID relief, sustainable living communities and cancer research.